Prior to establishing the Center, Cadora served as Program Officer for The After Prison Initiative at the Open Society Institute Foundation for four years. The After Prison Initiative is a grantmaking program created to support criminal justice policies that place reintegration and public safety at the center of the criminal justice mission. Cadora joined OSI in June, 2001 after 14 years at the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES). CASES is the nation’s largest and longest running intermediate sanctions program. Over the years, Cadora directed the work of CASES’ Research, and Policy, Court Communications, and Information Systems units, as well as its Day Center program. Cadora was the recipient of an Edna McConnell Clarke justice grant in 1996 to help the North Carolina Division of Adult Probation and Parole—with whom he worked for the following five years—to implement intermediate sanctions programs under the state’s new structured sentencing guidelines. Cadora is co-author of the book, Community Justice, with Dr. Todd Clear, which reviews the emergence of community policing in the 1980’s, community courts in the 90’s, and the emergence of a new community corrections in 2000.