Managing director Excel Venture Management (life sciences VC) Founder Biotechonomy LLC. Founded several sucessful start ups. Bestselling researcher, author, and teacher on the economic and political impacts of life sciences as well as the rise and fall of countries. Was founding director of the Harvard Business School Life Sciences Project. Ran Mexico City’s Urban Development Corporation. Peace negotiator in Chiapas. Member of Sorcerer II Expedition, a global circumanvigation, with Craig Venter, which doubled known genes from all species. 
Wrote “As the Future Catches You” and “The Untied States of America.” Co-author, with Steve Gullans, “Homo evolutis:Please Meet the Next Human Species.” Published various academic articles and case studies including “Transforming Life Transforming Business the Life Science Revolution,” (co-authored with Ray Goldberg), “Global Life Science Data Flows and the IT industry”, “SARS, Smallpox, and Business Unusual,” and “Technology, Gene Research and National Competitiveness.”Co-author of the first map of global nucleotide data flow (Selected by Rhem Koolhaas and Wired as one of the iconic examples of 21st century design). Has been on various boards including Cabot Corp., Cabot Micro, Synthetic Genomics, Activate Networks, Harvard Medical School Genetics Advisory Council, Americas Society, Harvard’s David Rockefeller Center, Harvard”s PAPSAC, WGBH , Tufts Institute for Global Leadership,Center for Excellence in Education, and the Boston Science Museum.