Jerry Solomon has been in the film production business for 25 years. He started in freelance production working in music video during its peak years. He also line produced commercials, short films and even did a stint working for the writers on the Cosby Show.

In 1991 Solomon joined Epoch Films to helm their music video division. His first signing was Phil Morrison. As music videos faded he seamlessly moved into Executive Producing commercials and talent management. He began building his reputation by singing unknown and emerging directors notably Tim Godsall, Stacy Wall, Matt Aselton, Michael Downing, Everynone and others.


Over the last decade, as Managing Partner of Epoch Films, Solomon took the company from a small NY based entity to a premiere internationally recognized boutique production house. This was accomplished through building talent and producing critically acclaimed work for every major brand and agency imaginable. Some of the more recent and notable films include the campaign of the decade “I’m a Mac” for Apple, All State’s “Mayhem” and “Fan Boys’ for Samsung”. As a result of this work, Solomon has won every major award in the industry including Cannes Lions, Clios, AICP MOMA and the One Show.


In his spare time Solomon serves as Executive Vice Chair of the AICP spearheading major industry efforts such as the founding the AICP Conference, negotiating with Leo Burnett on standardized best practices and developing the newly formed AICP legal initiative.

Beyond involvement in the AICP and running successful business, Solomon spent 3 years writing an industry blog called PRODUCER POSTS. It was the sole voice in the commercial production community speaking with full transparency on the issues facing creative content businesses specifically and to the marketing industry as a whole. At its peak there were thousands of daily visitors from Mumbai to Hollywood.


Solomon is currently Managing Partner at start-ups Persuade Commercials and Influence Content.